Talee Babies


“We are delighted with treatment and blown away by the results. Lani breezed through treatment and was as always, her happy little self. Everyone have been fantastic, helpful, and very supportive throughout this journey.”

Minawi & Valerija - Lani’s Parents


“This little man finished his helmet journey today! I’ve never expected to get from very severe to the mild. I can’t thank Technology in Motion enough and I highly recommend them if you are considering!”

Cheryl - Hudson’s mom


“Of course I had concerns at first on how he’d take to the helmet, but honestly, its lightweight and breathable design made it easy for Emet to get used to quickly.

I also have to highlight how easy I found it to put on and take off. I'm very glad we had Talee because my little guy didn't mind wearing it at all, and his head looks beautiful after using it! It was really worth it.”

Dominica - Emet’s mom


“We are glad we chose the Talee helmet. Teo has a lot of hair and I can't imagine him having the old style orthosis. Unfortunately we have dropped the helmet several times, but luckily nothing ever cracked, indicating its durability. Moreover, the surface is easily washable. Everybody at the clinic was super friendly!”

Eve - Teo’s mom


“Maximilian adapted to the orthosis so quickly. After treatment you could tell he missed it, because over that time, it became a part of him!”

Maxmilian’s mom


“We deliberately used the option of choosing Talee because of its great breathability, better shape and lower weight. From the beginning, Jonah did not have the slightest problem with wearing the helmet. He didn't mind putting it on and taking it off, which was very quick and easy.”

Lucy - Jonah’s mom


“Tilda only wore the helmet from April to July. That was very impressive, because we expected a much longer time! We're extremely pleased with the successful treatment and we're so glad we chose this path.”

Tilda’s mom


“Our daughter accepted the helmet without any problems and our initial fears quickly disappeared. When she saw herself in the mirror, she smiled at herself. At the first checkup, we were amazed by the quick improvement. The scans clearly show how nicely she was filling it in, and those improvements continued until the last checkup. We are very happy that we have decided for the treatment.”

Petra - Josephine’s mom


“Maddie took to the helmet extremely well and didn't even seem to notice it was there. The helmet’s airflow ensured our daughter remained comfortable, even when she was at her most active.”

Maddie’s mom


“From day one Kai took to the helmet so well. He never fussed when having the helmet put on or taken off nor was he ever uncomfortable sleeping. We’re so happy with the results. I’m happy that now that treatment is done, my child can live the rest of his life with a nicely shaped head, and no memories of discomfort.”

Kai’s mom


“We were worried about Jesse sleeping with and adapting to the helmet. But he had NO problems sleeping, and hit so many milestones in leaps and bounds with it on! Jesse rolled over, sat up unassisted, started weaning, got his first teeth and soooo much more! In just 12 weeks we were so pleased with our results!”

Jesse’s mom


“Katie has taken well to the treatment and that she is “so impressed with the results after Craniosynostosis operation and these helmets are a god send!”

Rebekah - Katie’s mom


“I would like to express our satisfaction and happiness with the Talee treatment. After just 26 days, we observed a significant improvement. The helmet fulfils its function perfectly and we are very surprised how fast the treatment was.”

Vinícius - Rahví’s dad


“We are amazed by Samuel's daily progress. He effortlessly adapted from the very first day he started using it. Initially, we had some concerns about how it would evolve and be used, but everything has gone smoothly, and we're immensely thankful.”

Samuel’s mom


“We're pleased with the great outcome of using the Talee Helmet. In just 22 days, we've seen a significant improvement, shifting from severe to moderate deformity. Our daughter adapted to it exceptionally well.”

Lia’s mom


“Talee's helmet is fantastic, my baby adapted seamlessly and made fantastic progress with the treatment. The Talee technology ensures comfort and quick treatment. We’re truly impressed and we thank God for being able to treat plagiocephaly and brachycephaly.”

Renato’s dad


“After 4 months, we graduated! My daughter had severe plagiocephaly. She started at 17.6 mm assymetry and finished at 3.5mm. Now that we are out on the other end, we are so happy that we went through the process. The Talee helmet was great, highly recommend it if it’s available near you.”

Samantha’s mom


“Maxence lives 150 miles away from our office. I’ve met him only 3 times since the beginning of the treatment (initial scanning, fitting session and an adjustment yesterday). I’ve met him 2 times remotely during the treatment. Everything worked perfectly, the CI improved from 97.4 to 90.6% and CVA from 8.5 to 1.5 mm.”

Alex - Maxence's orthotist